This Privacy Policy explains how information about you is collected, what information you share and how this information is used.

  1. The Agreement

This Privacy Policy is between Deon N. Brown owner and operator of (“we”, “our”, “us” or “The Site”) and Users (“You”, Your”). This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern the products, services and features we make available to you (Collectively “The Service”). Use of The Service is also governed by the Terms. Using The Service indicates that you accept and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy. Please do not use The Service if you do not agree and accept the Privacy Policy.

A. Information That Is Collected From You

(1). Your Email. You may use Interac to make payment. You must email us your test question answer so we may collect payment from you. You must also email us the information you wish to share on this website. We use your email for these purposes. In the event that we need to contact you, we may use your email. You agree that if your email adddress changes you will notify us via email on the Classified.yourgetitstore Website.

(2) Your Blog Post Title, Post Topic And Product Description. You email to us your blog post title or blog post topic or a description of the product that your business sells. This allows us to share this information about your blog or business website on The Website so that visitors may read it and decide if they want to visit your website.

(2) Your Blog Or Business Website. You email to us the category you feel your blog or business website should be placed in. This helps us place your blog or website on The and makes it easier for visitors to find the information about your blog or business website.

(3) Your Blog Or Business Website URL. You will submit the name of your blog or business website and your blog or business website’s url. A url is a websites address online for example This will allow us to add a link to your website so people may click on this link and visit your website.

(4). Evaluating How Users Use Our Website. On this website, we may use some resources that allow us to measure the effort of knowing what is happening on the website. Some information like when you click on a link or a page, the page you visited and the length of time you spend on the website may be transmitted to us. This helps us to make some decisions about the website and try to enhance your experience. No other information about you is known or collected. Therefore we do not know who you are.

B. Links And Ads That Allows You to Visit Other Websites.

The Service may contain ads and links. Some of these links and ads may allow you to visit other websites that we do not own or operate. Such third party sites and content are not monitored or checked for accuracy or appropriateness by us. You agree that if you visit a third party site you do so at your own risks. Please look at the terms and privacy policy of these third party websites. If you do not agree with the terms or privacy policy of the third party website please decide what you feel is best.

C. When Will Information Be Shared About You

This website does not sell or share your information. In cases where the website needs to comply with applicable laws and jurisdictions, information may be given to legal law enforcement.

D. Changes To The Privacy Policy

From time to time we may make changes in part or in full to this privacy policy. We will post the changes on this page and the date the changes take effect. You agree that we reserve the right to do so.You also agree that it is your responsibility to keep up to date with these changes.

E. Your Acceptance And Agreement

By visiting and accessing the training material you signify that you agree with this Privacy Policy. You agree that if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy that you will leave this website and try to find another website to use.

Dated: February 10, 2024