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goals I’m Deon N. Brown. I’m from Jamaica however I migrated to Canada in April 2011. I am a trained Teacher from Jamaica and was part of the Jamaican Cadet. I’m a permanent resident, a Blogger and mother of two living in Kitchener Ontario Canada and I own this website This is part of a project I call , which in a nutshell are ideas I get from the internet that I turn into goals and projects that I use to help myself and others. If I get the 1111 people on board, I will get a very very small “D” tattoo on my cleavage to celebrate getting this “Eleven Eleven (11-11)Deal”. I choose the letter D because D is the first letter that starts my first name Deon. During the 10 year quest to keep this website online, I’m hoping to gather more letters and in the end get a tattoo that says “Gee DNB”. I will be the owner of this tattoo. I will wear my tattoo in my everyday life and may share it to bring awareness to this website.

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101 Blogs And Business Websites About How To Deal With Negative And Difficult Experiences
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